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Pantomime is BACK… Well almost! June is a time where the excitement for summer begins, the winter coats are replaced with sandals and sunglasses and everyone is counting down to their summer holidays off school. That is definitely the case for most people in South Wales but for Jermin Productions our focus is well and truly on Christmas 2016.

We all know of the famous Christmas anthem ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ right? Well in our JP Offices that certainly is the case! January 2016 saw the final performance of our Sleeping Beauty sensation and just one month later saw us contacting sponsors, designing artwork and prepping our casting breakdowns for this year’s touring Dick Whittington Pantomime.


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Getting ahead of the game is KEY for this year as we tour our latest production to not two, but FOUR theatre venues across South Wales in areas including Carmarthen, Swansea, Brecon and Port Talbot. This year JP have doubled our number of performances, doubled the number of venues which of course means that we have doubled our workload! Therefore the clock is ticking as we begin the countdown to opening night!


From now until December our calendar is full to the brim with technical meetings, Costume design sessions, Sponsorship agreements, rehearsals and evenings Jam Packed with comedy gags, scene changes and classic pantomime banter as we begin our Script Writing for this year. I know, It’s a LOT! As well as all of this planning we have to begin our advertising campaigns which means photoshoots and PR!


The most poignant date in our diary so far is the initial launch of this year’s dazzling Dick Whittington which is yet to take place. The build up to the official launch includes getting contracts signed, confirming sponsors and the best part, a cast photoshoot! This is a day where the entire cast visit each theatre, sponsor and local business as part of their photoshoot to not only engage with the community but also provide us with a disk full of promotional images which we will share with our social media / newspapers from now until February 2017.


Sounds Easy, Right? Wrong! It is fair to say that the preparation for this one single day is a job in itself. It is important to plan every single detail to make our job of co-ordinating 7 cast members, 2 photographers and over 35 venues a little easier, if that is possible!


Starting in Carmarthen and visiting each theatre/hotel/sponsor in all four areas before 4pm is and was definitely a challenge in itself. It takes weeks of planning and preparation to make sure that the day goes smoothly and there are no disasters or costume malfunctions. We held our first costume fitting in preparation for the shoot and it was manic, the hall was filled with wigs, feather boas and everything flamboyant.


The costumes are bigger and better than ever before for this year and see’s our returning dame, Marc Skone, strut his stuff in the most outrageous yet surprisingly attractive costumes yet! This year’s Dick Whittington has been kitted out with a brand new wardrobe of costumes which are simply beautiful.


Over the next two months you will see the reveal of the cast, the brand new artwork design and maybe even a behind the scenes look at some of our promotional photoshoots lined up!! Although we are already rushed off of our feet, we know that it will be incredibly rewarding when we begin to see the show come together in the end… Until then though it is heads down for us!!



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