Tom Tom the Cat meets Buster the Boxer…

The Pantomime cast have once again been causing mischief and mayhem around the towns of South Wales, and with the competition for “Best Television Christmas Advert” well and truly running on our screens, the cast thought it was only fair to put their own unique stamp on the latest Christmas advert craze…



“Hello everyone!! So Christmas is officially on it’s way… The christmas lights are on in most towns across South Wales, the high street store decorations are up and of course the fierce competition for best Christmas advert has well and truly begun!

Will it be Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot or Buster the John Lewis Boxer dog? With each company, store and organisation joining in this Christmas, the bar has been raised as we see some of the best festive commercials ever. The commercials have swept across our tv screens and social media news feeds as well as taking the media by storm. They have even influenced the Jermin Productions touring Pantomime to create their own take on the John Lewis 2016 advert.

We sided with the larger retailer and recreated our own spoof of the advert at the local Limitless trampoline park in Swansea. We are less than one month away from launching their tour of Dick Whittington around South Wales but still had time to turn some heads at Limitless last week.

Mark Jermin, our director of  this year’s Dick Whittington Pantomime also attended the trampoline park to capture these comedic scenes and spur us on!

We had just finished a 12 hour rehearsal day and the cast still had enough energy to bounce around and recreate this well known christmas commercial

“We all wait for the John Lewis advert each year, it has built up an incredible reputation. We can’t help but rely on it’s release to tell us it’s officially Christmas” said Mark.

Each year the advert get’s everyone talking whether they love it or hate it so we thought we would create our own version of the advert, Dick Whittington style, We attended a social event at the Limitless trampoline park and that was when we had the idea, It then became so much fun there and an enjoyable project for everyone outside of rehearsals.

We would also like to say a huge Thank You to the staff at Limitless who were absolutely fantastic and were happy to help us film some stunts and stand in as body doubles.

So what would you do if you had a dame, a cat and a rat bounce past you at your local trampoline park? The project definitely gained some attention from other visitors of the site and also had children asking if they could be in the final edit. The evening was filled with laughter and even saw some hilarious outtake footage being captured thanks to the Fairy Queen who took a bit of a tumble trying to show off her acrobatic moves. Clearly the moral of the story is not to try and be a olympic gymnast in an extravagant, sparkly costume!

We hope you like our Video and we hope to see you at some point this Pantomime season…. Dick Whittington will be setting off on his tour of South Wales from 9th December 2016 right through to 22nd January 2017 at:


The Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen: 9th – 17th Decemebr 2016

Penyrheol Theatre, Swansea: 19th – 24th December 2016

Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon: 28th December – 2nd January 2017

The Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot: 12th – 22nd January 2017


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