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On the ball, one season at a time!

“Tis the season to be sunny…” wait.. “Autumn Leaves are falling down” no no no… “Spring has sprung?!” Yes, the weather may indeed be getting warmer, yet here with team JP I’m already well into my Winter Woolies planning on getting another Christmas appearance in our already busy diaries. And no I’m not just talking about this winter ahead, but already here in Pantomime land we have already discussed and submitted Pantomime titles for 2018, 2019 and beyond!!

Are you one of those extremely organised, super savvy ‘make your friends envious slash annoyed’ kind of person that too is already well and truly into the midst of Christmas planning? Maybe you purchased some Christmas cards in the January sales, saved rolls of wrapping paper from last year or are already collecting your store vouchers and so on.

Now where I would love to be THAT organised in my personal life, here planing and running Pantomime you do have to be in the gear of forward thinking , of always planning ahead. Yes it is only May, but in the past crazy month, we have been in full “It’s Behind You” mode, ticking off the checklist that goes into planning our forthcoming Pantomime Season. There has been 2 drafts of Script rewrites, meetings with Princes and Princesses for Christmas 2017, Set designs and confirmations on projections, sound cue lists as well as full days of Pantomime Shoots and appearances travelling and working from both Wales and London offices.

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And where they may be some who can’t utter the C word until at least the first few days of December where begrudgingly the Christmas spirit enlightens them daily on the opening of a mini window in receipt of a teeny chocolate (Seriously have they gotten much smaller than I remember, or maybe its just my bulging fingers!)

But for those who delight in all things to do with the festive period and in our particular business the season of PANTOMIME… then we have a Summer pick me up, full of Pantomime traditions and delights in our Pantomime Reunion show “Well, we’ll have to do it again then won’t we…… Wooooo!”

And I am so excited to host the first ever show of its kind for our Company… Hitting the Lyric Theatre Carmarthen for one night only on Saturday 10th June will be Pantomime favourite and funny man Adam Byard as J J- the hilarious comedy character from our past Pantomimes. J J will relive some of the amusing stories and sketches from past Pantomimes and bring you lots of brand new action ahead of this year’s South Wales touring Pantomime: JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, where J J once again will be hitting the Panto spotlight as brother to the hero of our story Jack Trott!

And what funny man wouldn’t be fully entertained without his Pantomime friends, so joining J J in this limited run of a show will be past faces and voices taking to the stage to entertain your Panto fans with classic Panto tunes and dance routines. And if you really are a true fan of Pantomime , then you won’t want to miss this opportunity to exclusively see LIVE on stage for the very first time, our line up and Pantomime Cast for this year’s Jack and the Beanstalk 2017 / 2018.

I’m hugely looking forward to this show, as the process of planning, writing and organising it has already been hugely enjoyable! After spending a few days with our Cast for 2017 this month, I also can’t WAIT for you to meet them, not only hilarious and talented but a joy to work with which as you may know, always makes the productions so much more enjoyable!

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 20.01.36


Mark & I testing some shots with our 2017 Cast: 04.05.17)

Other bits and bobs as part of the forward thinking / future planning process has involved organising my Summer and Christmas juggling performing roles with these Productions… (all of which i’m really excited about!) Planning the sequel to our UP NEXT Production which debited last month in Port Talbot… much more details of this next Production will be arriving very soon, but I must say the talent that I witnessed in the Princess Royal theatre during the weekend of the 21st and 22nd April was mind blowing and so inspiring! I can’t wait for the next production of Up Next and to see even more talent on stage… these youngsters were giving West End Wendys a run for their money!

And lastly on this week’s agenda was to finalise our Tickets / Performances times with ALL 4 of our Theatre Venues who will host Jack and the Beanstalk this December and January and I’m delighted to let you know that from Friday 19th May, Tickets will be on sale for all 4 of these Venues, so hopefully you can get booking at the following Theatres:

Princess Royal Theatre Port Talbot

Lyric Theatre Carmarthen

Ffwrnes Theatre Llanelli

Theatre Brycheiniog Brecon


Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces on Saturday 10th June!

All the best for the rest of May!

N x



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