The classic British Summer won’t stop us!!

Hello gorgeous, sunny June…well, don’t we just wish?! The rain may have returned with a vengeance after a glorious fortnight of sun, but that won’t stop that summery feeling from taking over…

And what better way to get into the swing of summer than a good old music festival?! I’m sat, laptop balancing on top of my suitcase, surrounded by clothes, shoes, wellies…who knew packing for Glastonbury would be so challenging?! Nia and I cannot wait to let our hair down as we jet off to the glamping fun of Glasto, to see some amazing performers and get totally immersed in the wonders of music!



After the recent events in both Manchester and London, it has been truly incredible to see the power and importance of music and how it brings people together. Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert was such a beautiful tribute and outpouring of emotion and love – the bravery, pride, and unbreakable solidarity that the country has shown has been eye-opening, thought-provoking, and sincerely inspiring. There is so much musical inspiration around us and we feel hugely lucky to always be working in such a wonderful industry – seeing the love and togetherness it brings is really amazing.




From festivals, concerts, and the ultimate healing powers of music, we are feeling motivated, encouraged, and inspired – with this in mind, we’re heading into our Summer with a bright, positive outlook and huge determination!

From one extravagant event to another rehearsals are already well underway for our Anniversary Concert on Saturday 8th July at Swansea’s Brangwyn Hall! This HUGE concert will celebrate 25 Years of the Mark Jermin Stage School! Our classes are working hard to bring you some incredible individual pieces to celebrate the success of the Mark Jermin Stage School and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the amazing work that is happening so far. This will be a night you won’t want to miss! I really hope to see you there and would love to see past students taking a trip down memory lane and also reuniting with old classmates and friends! It will definitely be an evening of De Ja Vu with lots of blasts from the past!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS for the 25th Anniversary Concert!

THEN… straight after the Summer we are have already planned and prepped our Pantomime Reunion show:

‘Well…We’ll Have To Do It Again Then, Won’t We? Woo!

  We are so excited to reunite pantomime favourites old and new for a night of music, fun…with friends old and new including the anticipated 2017 Jack and the Beanstalk Cast Reveal! Taking place at Carmarthen’s Lyric Theatre, who have supported us for the last couple of years, we are thrilled to have our wonderful casts and friends return to this brilliant venue.

Our brand new pantomime cast will be announced at this brilliant event – expect to see their lovely faces splashed all over our social media from THIS MONDAY!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS for ‘Well, We’ll have to do it again then won’t we? WOO!’


That’s just about all from me – got some serious packing to do for GLASTONBURY!

Until next time,

Mark x


Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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