Jumping for Joy at Limitless Trampoline Park

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to Limitless Trampoline Park, Swansea!

On Saturday 5th August Jermin Productions joined forces with Limitless Trampoline Park to celebrate their 1st Birthday!! That’s right, they were celebrating a whole year of fantastic business at their new SA1 site! We were thrilled to be invited to this birthday bash and definitely had jam packed day bursting with FUN!! With a wide variety of games and activities there was no stopping our cast and the rest of the park’s visitors! From jumping UP on the trampolines to sliding DOWN on the inflatable slide the team didn’t stop all day!

In addition to our tremendous cast we also had TWIRLEY BASSEY on site, our amazing Pantomime Car which has been kindly sponsored by Bassetts Citroen Motor Group! The car definitely turned a few heads and added to the excitement and energy of the day!

We have to say a GIGANTIC Thank You to the staff and team at Limitless who are always a delight to work with! They hosted a fantastic Birthday Bash which got everyone moving! Great Job Team!!



“Hiya, It’s Dame Cookie Trott here, just wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATS to Limitless Trampoline Park for their wonderful Birthday Celebration last Saturday at SA1. Big hugs and kisses to the staff for their generous hospitality and their fun-filled day of rides, games and bouncing activity! I can say, at my age after a quick bounce myself, the cookie is well and truly crumbled! Chow for Now!”

The entire day was spent bouncing, jumping, sliding, running and rolling! In between the hectic spurts of energy the cast were challenging guests and visitors to come up with their own trampoline themed panto puns! Some definitely made us chuckle so we’ve decided to share a few of the best with you today…



Q: What do you call a sheep on a trampoline?

A: A wooly jumper.


Q.  What season is it when you are on a trampoline?

A. Spring time


I opened up a business selling trampolines to Eastern Europeans, but it’s not going well… the Czechs keep bouncing.

We have a very busy 6 months ahead filled to the brim with appearances, events, Christmas parades, rehearsals and of course performances all across South Wales! We’d love to see some familiar faces so keep up to date with our Facebook page to see where our cast will be popping up this Winter!

Oh and one last thing, remember…




Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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