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Gearing up this September…

As parents delight with joy with the sight of the freshly new school uniforms and back to school September action and children groan as the Summer holidays, ice creams and later nights playing with friends seem like a forgotten distant memory, September always brings a new form of craziness to the Jermin Productions office and this year really is going to be our busiest one yet!

Juggling my personal life and managing our plans and events for the Company is always a little strenuous, meaning that I spend late nights and early mornings on my laptop, regularly heading into the office, constantly thinking ahead. But this year even my office is blowing hot and cold! And I mean this in the literal sense… as I’m still performing in Kilworth House Theatre’s 2017 Season, and as it is one of Britain’s outdoor Theatre Venues, it really has been hot and cold! Stepping out on stage every night in Stephen Mear’s Top Hat has been a wonderful experience, I adore this show, its style, its toe tapping song and dance numbers and working with such an incredible cast has given me more inspiration for my own company, I love seeing how people work, envisage and create. But as we all know the British weather can be a little unpredictable so whilst prepping choreography in the beaming sun one minute, I’ve had to dash inside to the dressing room to catch up on emails whilst the heavens have emptied in another thrashing downpour, before gliding on stage to join the beautiful 1920’s art decor musical made famous by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

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The team and I are really turning up the gears on our plans and events as we have so much going on this Season. I’m so grateful to be able to get behind the wheel of our brilliantly eye catching Citroen C4 Grand Picasso courtesy of Bassetts Group Swansea and be able to get here there and everywhere this September in true Pantomime style!

.Remember, you can follow the most theatrical stagey Bassetts car on and off the road by following its very own Twitter Account: @TwirleyBassey and if you see us on the road, remember to give us a honk!!

Well this September is fairly busy, take a look at some of the JP Events in my September Diary:

Juvenile Performers Audition Day:11th September-  I’m really looking forward to our Pantomime Auditions, that are being held TOMORROW at the FFWRNES Theatre in Llanelli. I absolutely love audition day because its amazing to see so much young talent i the room. It reminds me of my younger self hoping and dreaming of making it one day by having a life when you can work by being on stage night after night. The buzz and joy in the Audition room is always really fun and I can’t wait to meet our budding pantomime performers tomorrow.

If you haven’t reserved your Audition place, but would still like to audition, or would like your child to audition, please come along to the Ffwrnes Theatre (Park Street, Llanelli SA15 3YE) MONDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER.

If you require any more information, please email:

  • The JUVENILE and INTERMEDIATE Dancers will audition together at 4.45pm (Please arrive up to 30 minutes prior to this time to register / warm up / change etc.)
  • The SENIOR Dancers will audition at 7.00pm (Please arrive up to 30 minutes prior to this time to register / warm up / change etc.)

Our Pantomime Dancers 2017 / 2018 : WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR:

  • a selection of Dancers aged between 7 and 15 who will SHARE performances throughout the Pantomime run
  • a selection of Dancers aged 16 or over who are available to commit to EVERY performance within the Pantomime run

Each attendee will be taking part in a fun audition with Mark and myself where you will be taught a routine in the style of the Pantomime.You will learn a short combination of choreography (possibly 2 routines) and will perform it in small groups. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring jazz/ballet shoes. Avoid shiny leotards if possible as the identification stickers tend to fall off these, and please tie back long hair.Please make sure you / your child has a soft drink with them (not fizzy) and slow energy release foods if needed. Should your child be asthmatic, have any allergies or any other condition which may require medication, please ensure they have this with them.

We are looking for fun, high energy, expressive and charismatic performers who are keen to show their personality as the style and routines will vary in the production.

Look forward to seeing YOU there!! xx

The Pantomime Cow Arrives: No Jack and the Beanstalk is complete without the classic Pantomime cow, and like most things JP, We’ve decided to go for something a little ‘beyond the limits’ this year! We are udderly excited to meet our 2017 Pantomime Cow and all will be revealed very soon, as this cow will help Jack and co leap to new heights in our family Pantomime!

Jack and the Beanstalk climbs to Carmarthenshire: 16th September– Our Jack and the Beanstalk Characters and Company will be in full force this weekend to plant the Pantomime seeds in Carmarthen and Llanelli. The madness and mayhem will arrive in bucketloads as the Cast appear at Johnston Carnival, Merlins Walk, the St Elli Centre as well as bouncing along to the LIMITLESS Trampoline Park… hopefully we will catch you at some point on this day to see our characters, dancers and company in fantastic Pantomime action!

Addio Top Hat: 17th September- I will be ‘Putting on the Ritz’ for one final time this Sunday and saving Addio to Venice (the beautiful setting where Top Hat takes places) and goodbye to my hilarious character Madge Hardwick whom has been a joy to play. The cast and company have been sensational and I’ve loved every minute of this fantastic show and are so Thankful to the audiences who have come to watch.

Admiral Staff Day: We are really looking forward to visiting the Admiral offices, for a some Pantomime inspiration and to say a big warm Hello to the excellent staff of whom we can’t wait to see once again at this year’s Jack and the Beanstalk. A big Thank You to Admiral for their support on this year’s Jack and the Beanstalk Production.

Swansea Bay and Admiral’s10K: 24th September- Our Cast and fabulous car will be attending the Admiral Swansea Bay 10K along with our TWO Pantomime mascots in the form of CK Supermarkets’ POPTY and LEEKY who will be competing in the charity mascot race. Come along and meet our wonderful cast, mascots and of course Twirley Bassey our Pantomime Car. Go team Go!!


And not only that, but we have 2 “Jermin” birthdays in the family… Yours truly is officially stepping into “the middle age” era whilst my brother dearest Mark has hit the big one, the big 4 – 0!! Now pass me the fizz and cake!


Remember Jack and the Beanstalk will appear at:

Princess Royal Theatre Port Talbot:

1st December – 7th December


Lyric Theatre Carmarthen

8th December – 16th December


Ffwrnes Theatre Llanelli

19th December – 24th December


Theatr Brycheiniog Brecon

28th December – 6th January



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