Limitless Trampoline Park prove they are the BEST bouncers in the WORLD!

As we creep ever closer to Halloween Jermin Productions and their pantomime preparations are going into overdrive!! That’s right their Bassetts Citroen Pantomime car has had to go up a gear, their UOWTSD rehearsal spaces are being used everyday and their Mascot characters Popty and Mr Leek are already dreaming of their New Year’s break. The countdown is officially ON and it seems to be going faster than ever before with this being Jermin Productions’ BIGGEST (and busiest) Christmas yet! But no matter how busy we are, we will always find time to hop on over to Limitless Trampoline Park in Swansea especially when they are breaking a WORLD RECORD!!

OOOOOH or should we say… MOOOO!


What an UDDERLY brilliant month October has turned out to be for Jermin Productions! This year the Swansea production company have grabbed the BULL by it’s horns and are popping up all over the place. The Jermin Productions Team and Jack and the Beanstalk Cast will be hopping all over South Wales this year and 2017 will see them bouncing from Port Talbot to Carmarthen, then on to Llanelli before bringing in the New Year in Brecon. Each year, the list of theatres grows and this year is definitely no exception with the wonderful Ffwrnes Theatre in Llanelli being added to our Pantomime Tour. And it wouldn’t be fair to add a theatre without another cast member would it?

So please welcome our newest member of the Jack and the Beanstalk Cast…


Only joking, we’re not ready to reveal this MOOsterious character just yet, our latest Panto Star is UDDERLY brilliant and deserved a drum roll and a countdown. We will be revealing our latest MOOvie star performer on 30th October on our Jermin Productions social media pages! But we know that there are some Pantomime fanatics out there that are itching to find out all of our secrets, Oh Yes You Are! So let’s keep it simple, in black and white, we are giving you the opportunity to meet this legenDAIRY character at our next Pantomime appearance which will take place at Limitless Trampoline Park.

On Friday 20th October 2017 our Jack and the Beanstalk Cast along with our latest Pantomime star with be reaching new heights thanks to the help of Limitless Trampoline Park who are on board as a headline sponsor this year. Our cast will be experiencing the true HIGHS and LOWS of a Trampoline Park as they motivate and cheer for the fantastic staff who are attempting to break a Guinness World Record. The staff will be putting Swansea on the map by attempting to break this record of behalf of the wonderful charity, Golau Cancer Foundation. The world record attempt will see the staff at Limitless hop on a bouncy castle for 48 HOURS!! The team are definitely going to be hopping mad by the end of it and will definitely need to hit the hay!



Limitless Trampoline Park had this to say:
“As Limitless Trampoline Park in Swansea hosts the Guinness World Record attempt for the longest time bouncing on a bouncy castle this week on behalf of the Golau Cancer Foundation, we are delighted to welcome some of the Panto Characters from Jermin Productions forthcoming Jack and the Beanstalk to join in the jump and spur our bouncers along as they approach the final few hours in this 48 hour record attempt.”

Why not come along to cheer on the fantastic Limitless Trampoline Park Staff and also meet our Jack and the Beanstalk Cast! Our Cast will be at the Trampoline Park from 2pm on Friday 20th October showing off their sMOOth MOOves and meeting all of their Pantomime fans out there!



Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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