Another day, another lighting cue!

Andrew here! Your comedy pal TICK TOCK and proud Company Manager of this year’s Bluestone Pantomime… Beauty and the Beast! This year I’ll be sharing the stage with a wonderfully hard working cast who have put their all into making this Pantomime the best one yet! So I guess it’s time to update you on yesterday’s technical rehearsal, where do I begin?


Yesterday was the second day of our Bluestone ‘Tech Week’ and what a busy day it turned out to be! As Jordan (Our Dame Spout) explained we hit the ground running on our first day in the theatre space so it was essential that the cast had a peaceful night and recharged their batteries ready for a second day of plotting lights and sound cues, re-spacing routines and polishing our performances. With the cast well rested and everyone on their A game we began rattling through the scenes and very slowly our production was transforming into something really special and magical. We all know the script inside out and back to front but we all got goosebumps and felt extremely festive when we performed it with the lights and full sound. Pantomime has the incredible ability of bringing out everyone’s inner child and sparking that Disney-like excitement in you! For an actor, it’s great to feel that yourself as it breathes life into the piece and builds everyone’s excitement and passion for the project!


We’ve been especially busy with the glue gun today as we have been sorting through all of our props! (Not sure if any of us will be getting their blue peter badge for today’s craft skills). I think we’ve got the award for the largest props table ever, it’s truly a challenge to pack this many props into a 60 minute Pantomime but we’ve managed to do it! The panto cast are still going strong (I think the pizza helped) and we’re ready for an early night and final glance at the script before adding costumes to tomorrow’s THIRD day of rehearsals.

I personally really enjoy working on this year’s Pantomime, the dedication, focus and support within the cast is brilliant and I already know that this is going to be an incredible Christmas and New Year at Bluestone Resort!

There’s no time to lose,

It’s time for a snooze,

We’ve got a show to block,

Yours Truly, Tick Tock!


Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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