Beauty and the Beast arrives at Bluestone Resort!

It was a very Happy Monday yesterday at The Bluestone Resort as our cast, crew and production team all arrived on site to begin the first day of what is a very ‘tech-heavy’ production. From vertical foggers to phenomenal projection images this fun-sized production is bursting with big production numbers and the technical effects to match! We finished the day with a technical run through of the first half which allowed us to rehearse with the sound and lighting as well as our radio mics! BUT it was a pretty hectic and jam-packed day before we got to the point of running our Beauty and the Beast Pantomime!

Let me get you up to speed…

The day began with a Monday Morning coffee (a necessity for me!) before having an official induction and tour around the park followed by a Health and Safety talk by John who is a part of the Activities Team. With the important matters discussed it was time to add a little glamour to the day by trying on all of our costumes. A quick pin there, some embellishment added and before long we were seeing our costumes evolve and our characters coming to life. It was great to see and try on our costumes because it really solidified our characters and also gave everyone a little motivation! There was definitely excitement in the air as well as a whole lot of hairspray after I has perfected my wigs. (Safe to say I went through at least two bottles of it!)


….”5,6,7,8″ “LIGHTS” “Curtains” “Action “….

It was then time to step on to the stage and start spacing some of our numbers along with the sound and lighting. It’s amazing how you can rehearse a number for weeks on end and then perform it with all of the special effects and feel like it is a brand new routine. The lighting this year is fabulous and really helps transform the content as well as bring our gags, costumes and characters to life!

image_6483441 image_6483441..

LX 58, LX 79, LX 103… The cues were getting higher and the day was getting longer! Finally it was time to finish off the day with a good old Chippy, what more can a dame ask for?

Time for a snooze before cracking on with our SECOND tech day!

Tech rehearsal DONE,
It was long but it was fun,
Now it’s Over and Out,
From this Dame Spout!

Ever wondered how us Dame’s get all dolled up for each performance? Wonder no more, I’ll let you in on a few tips and secrets…



Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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