Lashes, Lipsticks and LX cues galore!

Rise and Shine Campers! Up and at ’em as we have a busy day ahead of us! It’s Day FOUR here at our Bluestone as we begin running our Beauty and the Beast Pantomime over and over and over again! Well you know what they say… practice makes perfect! So as we prepare for our first run of Day 4 it’s time for me to rewind 24 hours and make sure you’re all up to speed! As the Enchantress of this year’s Pantomime maybe I can add a little Panto magic to take you back in time!


Yesterday we all arrived at the Bluestone Theatre space, a little tired I will admit, but we were all eager to improve on our performances after a VERY long day yesterday. The first mission of the day was to glam up and try and hide the bags under our eyes, they definitely have no place on our stage! We needed to be bright eye’d and bushy tailed, kind of like our Beast costume which arrived yesterday! WOW! It is a brilliant costume, will definitely have the wow factor this Christmas. I remember when I went to Disneyland as a child and seeing the Beast costume for the first time reminded me of the amazement and excitement I felt seeing the iconic Disney castle for the first time. I’m so excited to surprise the children in the audience this Christmas, it’s such a magical feeling!

image1 copy.JPG andrew

Yesterday saw the cast block the performance with costumes plotting through our quick changes and working through the logistics of the show with the added complications of heels, costumes, hair pieces and wigs! It was brilliant to see everyone in their costumes and also to see how people had made them their own. Our wonderful dame Jordan aka Dame Spout has transformed all of his wigs, they look brilliant.. a true work of art I’d say!


Curtains open and we step into the spotlight! With a few stumbles and stalls we made it through our first run, yippee!! It’s surprising how different you feel in your costume and make up! The make-up and sparkly accessories really give you the boost of confidence you need to get through these long days! Everyone worked really hard on their characters and ‘hitting their mark’! I’m a firm believer that there is always room for improvement so it was time for a noting session! At this stage are notes are really specific and it’s all about the finer details and make sure our performances are the best that they can be!

image2.JPG jordan

It was amazing to see it come on in leaps and bounds now that everyone was used to moving in their costumes! Although we have only been working together for a few weeks, it’s incredible how proud we all are of each other. There’s a strong and positive team spirit on site and we all want this to be the best Bluestone Panto yet! With excitement in our bellies and a fire under our bottoms, we are ready to SMASH today’s rehearsal!


A magical journey with the Beast and Belle,

A wave of a wand and a magic spell,

With a crown, wand, heels and a Dress,

That’s all for now from this Enchantress!



Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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