Be Our Guest this Christmas at Bluestone Resort!

Good Morning!! Michael here from this year’s Beauty and the Beast cast! This year I’m so excited to be performing in the ensemble of this year’s Bluestone Pantomime and also being a swing for all of the male characters (and the dame of course!). For any of you that may not know, a swing is someone who understudies all of the other cast members so that if for any reason someone is unable to perform I will step in to take over their role for that show. It’s quite a daunting task and does mean that I could go on as any character at a drop of a hat!
Today is our first day off… Hooray!! Most of us have managed to travel home to relax with our families (including myself) after a rewarding tech week. It’s been a very full on week seeing us have early starts and late finishes so its an amazing feeling to have a few days off! I think this short break will give us the boost we need and will allow us to return to Bluestone all refreshed and with fresh energy!
So as my cast mates have already explained our Tech week has been pretty long and tiring! These rehearsals are always difficult but really beneficial and vitally important, especially when you see everything coming together. The marriage between light and sound make the show so much stronger and really transforms the audience members into our tale as old as time! It’s truly dazzling!
The week has also brought us closer together as a cast. We have celebrated Guto’s (The Beast) birthday and shared pizza and pasta together with our producer and director Mark after a very long day of tech. We’ve all become housemates and have become residents of two cottages just outside of the Bluestone Resort. The whole experience has been amazing and I can honestly say that this is the best job I’ve had as a professional performer. Christmas truly is the most magical time of the year!
I am really enjoying my first break of the week and I’m spending it relaxing with my family and catching up on everything I’ve missed. However, next week I am excited to start performing with my fellow cast mates enchanting audiences. That is when the magic of panto really begins! Be Our Guest this Christmas and come along to Bluestone’s Beauty and The Beast. You won’t be disappointed!
Come along and Be Our Guest, 
‘It’s Behind You’ you will jest,
Step into Panto Land and take a seat,
Stay behind at the end as we’d love to meet!


Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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