No rest for the wicked!

Hey everyone! It’s Liam here, your Company Stage Manager of the #bluestonepanto. I’m here to give you a quick update on what’s been going on. I’m very happy to report, we’ve had our final day of rest before we dive head first into our first public shows. So what did we get up to on days off? Let me tell you. The majority of the cast went home to spend some time with their families, leaving just myself and Henry (otherwise known as Gaviscone) at the cottages.

I was pleasantly surprised on our first day off by the visiting of my partner all the way from Southerness in Scotland. So we decided to use the few days to go exploring and for me to revisit some places I’ve not been to since I was a child. The first day was spent popping into Swansea for a little movie watch (highly recommend Jigsaw to all our adult readers), then the Sunday was spent at Folly Farm! It was a great day, filled with loads of animals, fun at the Vintage Fairground and a nice bite to eat at the on site restaurant.
Sadly, she returned to Scotland on the Monday but it gave Jordan (our fan-tea-tastic Dame) and I a chance to explore the local area. We had a lovely walk to the local farm shop (however, upon arrival we discovered it had closed), we then had a look around our local church too. We finished our final day with a game of Monopoly with Henry (our panto badie of course) and then by having dinner at the Jeffreyston Inn. All in all, we’ve had a fantastic few days!
However, today is up early, lights beaming, sound booming, makeup on, costumes set as it’s time for some photos and videos with our final run of the show before we open to an audience! I’m very happy to let you all know we are all set and ready. We cannot wait to get an audience in front of us and to show everyone all the hard work that’s gone into creating a not so ordinary pantomime. For now, I best go do my final safety checks, refill the smoke and the snow and battery up those mics. I’ll see you shortly at the #bluestonepanto! This is Liam, signing off.
There is no show without me, the tech,
So let’s call the cast and start Sound Check,
It’s time to invite our audience in, 
And let our magical tale begin!


Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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