Drumroll please….

It is what every company member worries about,, it gives actors sleepless nights, it gives the wardrobe department to the LX team the jitters, and its every director’s biggest fear… will the audience like it? Will they respond? Does it make sense? Is it even funny?

And what do the people of South Wales think about JACK AND THE BEANSTALK??

Well take a look…


Mark Rees (Review Wales) also wrote this review:

“Wonderfully warm hearted festive show”

“A bright fast paced modern spin on the well known story with live music, a tireless cast and plenty of lowbrow humour along the way”

“Jermin Productions don’t mess around with smoke and mirrors, their Giant really is a giant, trampling on stage in all his over sized glory”





Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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