There’s a change in the air-waves – Behind the Scenes with KEITH MILWARD and PETER KINGSBURY!

A Behind the Scenes Look into Swansea Pride Hits the Dance Floor 2019!

With only ONE month to go, our Swansea Pride Hits the Dance Floor couples are feeling the heat! As the dances get harder, and the event looms closer we popped into the rehearsal room to meet two more couples as they prepare to dazzle on the dance floor this May. This week we caught up with a couple who we are absolutely Radio Gaga for! With the help of their choreographer, our couple will be dropping their radio mics and picking up their salsa heels in the hopes of raising that Glitter Ball Trophy on 2nd May 2019!

Hot on the sparkly heels of the competition, are our fabulous couple of the week… musical theatre aficionado and radio host, Keith Milward with partner, Peter Kingsbury; who are being led to glory by dance tutor Kelly Daley. We found Peter and Keith hidden under a pile of gloriously glittery and garish costumes and asked them how rehearsals were going.

Keith: “As you can see, we are starting to look at our costumes now, so all that glitters really is gold!”

Peter: “The team at Swansea College of Art have been fantastic, they’ve taken inspiration of all the wonderful costumes we like and put together something truly fabulous”

Keith: “But we can’t tell you too much as it will reveal what song, or SONGS we are going to be concentrating on!”

Peter: “The competition will be very tough, but we think we’ve got enough tricks up our sleeves to keep the audience on our side”

Keith: “Rehearsals are going really really well, we’re rehearsing twice a week! We couldn’t ask for more from Kelly, she’s been incredible putting up with us two!”

Peter: “In contrast to Keith, my dance experience stands at a big fat zero, it’s all new to me! Kelly has helped so much, I actually feel confident when dancing now”

Keith: “Exactly! Kelly has choreographed a routine that suits us down to the ground. Its full of personality and we can really have FUN with it”

Peter: “I am starting to panic now I have seen the size of the space… its MASSIVE! It is truly set out like Strictly with a huge dance floor for us to perform on.”

Keith: “Maybe we should’ve done a quick-step instead to get round that dance floor!”

Peter: “We all know the show must go on whatever happens, so we will be dazzling the audience in true Broadway style on the night. Our family and friends are coming along to support us so hopefully we can find their faces in the crowds, if they don’t try to make us laugh that is!”

Keith: “Our friends have been incredibly supportive throughout this whole thing, so we hope at least we can count on their vote…”

Peter: “Yes but don’t forget we have to impress the whooooole audience… after all, they will be the ones selecting the top 3 couples of the evening to dance again! We best get our dancing shoes on!”

Keith: “We’re off to practice now, but we’ll see you all on May 2nd at the Brangwyn Hall at Swansea Pride Hits the Dance Floor!”

Peter: “ And as they say…. KEEEEP DANCING!!”

Thursday 2nd May is marked on our couples’ calendars with a big red cross, as the big day looms closer! Will Keith and Peter clinch that Glitter Ball Trophy and be crowned the winners of Swansea Pride Hits the Dance Floor?

You can support Keith and Peter evening of Strictly Inspired fabulousness by booking your tickets from the link below and casting your vote live on the night!

Who will be announced winners of Swansea Pride Hits the Dance Floor?








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