Beauty and the Beast

Christmas 2017

A Tale as Old as time arrived at Bluestone Resort in 2017 with the fantastic Beauty and the Beast! Jermin Productions were delighted to bring their third pint size Pantomime to Pembrokeshire for a magical mysterious time to be had by the whole family!

Watch our highlights Video here: #BluestonePanto 


 Past Reviews and Comments from #BluestonePanto:

“An amazing night watching #BluestonePanto, Thank you all for a fantastic show and lovely memories to end our holiday”

“Brilliant time at the #BluestonePanto Great Fun!”

“Absolutely brilliant show for children and adults! Superb Cast!”

“Laughed and laughed at the #bluestonepanto So brilliant and so very recommended to anyone coming this year or next! Great fun for all!”


Beauty and the Beast: The Story

Our tale begins in a strange and wondrous land where a ferocious beast, in a grand, mysterious castle lives. Once a young prince, this beast now lives under a mystical curse which can only be broken when he finds someone to love him for what he is. The Beast hides away in the tallest towers of the castle until one day a helpless relative of the beautiful Belle knocks at the gates and incurs the Beasts wrath which causes the helpless soul to be locked away in the Castle.

 Upon stumbling on a garment belonging to a distant relative,  the fair maiden of our story visits the castle and comes face to face with the Beast and agrees to take the place of her relative. Within the castle, Belle is serenaded and cheered up by the servants (often hilarious!) before stumbling upon an enchanted rose in the forbidden east wing which symbolises the Beasts curse. Days, weeks, months pass and the two become closer and the Beast falls in love with the beautiful Belle. But in order to break the curse Belle would need to love the Beast in return.

The countdown is on, as the villainous Gaston and is angry mob are on the hunt for the Beast, Will Belle make it back to the Castle in time to treat the Beast’s wounds? And will she confided her love as the final rose petal falls? Will the curse be lifted followed by a miraculous transformation to make  the Beast return to the handsome prince he once was? 

The beautiful Belle and the enchanting characters in this truly spell binding Pantomime Production loved their Bluestone Pantomime experience as did many others!  



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