Cinderella 2019

30th November 2019 - 24th December 2019

The beautiful rags to riches story of Cinderella arrives in spectacular Pantomime style at Theatres for December 2019!

…And YOU’RE invited to this Royal Ball of a Pantomime this Christmas as Cinderella kicks off her crystal slipper and arrives at 3 South Wales Theatre Venues for music, magic and mayhem! The grandest and most traditional of all Pantomime tales will be brought in spectacular style by Jermin Productions  and will dazzle audiences at :

The Princess Royal Theatre Port Talbot,

The Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen

Theatr Y Ffwrnes in Llanelli

from 29th November to 24th December.

Don’t miss this family friendly Pantomime that promises laugh out loud comedy, stunning scenery and costumes and a magnificent cast to transport you and your family through the most magical tale of them all!

Our family affordable productions have grown in past years and are a real Christmas crowd pleaser for a family visit to Pantomime!

Cinderella is offering public performances, School performances, Audience accessible performances including BSL Signed performances through out the run. Cinderella is also proud to present a specifically adapted Relaxed Performance of the Production for those whom may benefit for a more relaxed Theatre environment.

And for those who are feeling as naughty as Cinderella’s Ugly sisters, you can attend the Adults Only Pantomime performances – for a real raucous Christmas night out of comedy and fun!

This year’s Cinderella offers an array of Performances, and lots of Discounted Offers and Group Booking Savings. So don’t delay….The clock is ticking… Book your tickets before midnight!



Our 2019 Pantomime Performances are NOW ON SALE!!!


Public Performances at The Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot:

Friday 29th November 2019 – 7:30pm (18+)

Saturday 30th November 2019 – 2pm

Sunday 1st December 2019 – 1pm

Wednesday 4th December 2019 – 6:30pm

Thursday 5th December 2019 – 6:30pm

Friday 6th December 2019 – 7:30pm (18+)

Saturday 7th December 2019 – 2pm

Sunday 8th December 2019 – 1pm

Tickets for Public Performances can be purchased HERE

Tickets for Adult Night Performances can be purchased HERE


Public Performances at The Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen:

Friday 13th December 2019 – 7pm (18+)

Saturday 14th December 2019 – 2pm

Saturday 14th December 2019 – 6pm

Sunday 15th December 2019 – 2pm

Tickets for Public Performances can be purchased HERE

Tickets for Adult Night Performances can be purchased HERE


Public Performances at The Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli:

Friday 20th December 2019 – 7pm (18+)

Saturday 21st December 2019 – 11am (R)

Saturday 21st December 2019 – 2pm (*P)

Saturday 21st December 2019 – 6pm

Sunday 22nd December 2019 – 2pm (*P)

Sunday 22nd December 2019 – 6pm

Monday 23rd December 2019 – 2pm (*P)

Monday 23rd December 2019 – 6pm

Tuesday 24th December 2019 – 11am (*P)

Tuesday 24th December 2019 – 2pm (*P)

Tickets for Public Performances can be purchased HERE

Tickets for Adult Performance can be purchased HERE

About the Show:

Audiences can expect laughter a plenty from a brilliantly inventive script, beautiful costumes, lavish sets, incredible special effects and musical numbers from a spectacular live band that are sure to get everyone dancing and singing along! The charming tale of true love, friendship and magic will be told by an uber talented cast in this jam packed production.

The stunning NICOLE SEABRIGHT will be taking the reins of her horse drawn carriage as the beautiful heroine Cinderella. Nicole is no stranger to playing Princesses from her work as Dreams Come True party planner. Firm family favourite ADAM BYARD Returns as JJ – Buttons and is sure to bring the house down with his impeccable timing and laugh out loud comedy. The delightful BETHAN SEARLE will bring the glam factor to this year’s show with her fantastic Fairy Godmother, and for a Prince so Charming and charismatic, talented actor and singer LEWIS BRIMFIELD will smoothly step into the Royal shoes.

Be sure to boo and hiss for the cackling comedy duo RYAN EDMUNDS and  JORDAN BATEMEN as the play this year’s Pantomime’s beauty queens…. The Ugly Sisters! This panto perfect pairing are sure to provide heaps of hilarity and will gladly torture and torment both the audience and Cinderella with their hideous ways and ghastly gags!

We can’t wait to welcome you to this best loved Pantomime title and on stage extravaganza, it really is the perfect Christmas outing for the whole family, so make sure you get the best seats today!

Jermin Productions are thrilled to present a number of exclusive performances of SINDERELLA at all three theatre venues!

The Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot:

Friday 29th November at 7:30pm (18+)

Friday 6th December at 7:30pm (18+)


The Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen:

Friday 13th December at 7:30pm (18+)

The Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli:

Friday 20th December at 7:30pm (18+)


The famous rags-to-riches tale will be brought to life this Christmas, not once, but TWICE as we host two exclusive ADULT ONLY performances at THREE venues across South Wales. That means there is double the trouble and double the fun as we unleash our two ugly sisters on a raucous rampage of rowdiness.

Cinderella will turn tradition on it’s head this Christmas and a glass slipper won’t be the only thing Cinders loses as the clock (yes, that’s clock!) strikes 12. The gags and innuendoes will come thick and fast this Christmas in this saucy, sexy, sensational twist on a classic tale. This hilariously naughty version will be performed exclusively for a strictly over 18’s audience will be spiced up with added sauciness for adult humour.

Prepare to be shocked, teased and offended – and that’s only by our Ugly Sisters! You can expect bold brash antics from the cast and squeals of delight from the audience in this year’s stimulating, crowd pleasing and down right dirty SIN-DERELLA!

Please Note: No performers under the age of 18 will appear at this Production. No performers will appear without consent. This Pantomime performance is for Over 18’s. It is not for the faint hearted or easily offended!


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