SINderella Pantomime ADULTS ONLY!

The famous rags-to-riches tale which was brought to life in Christmas 2019 but had its heat turned up for our exclusive ADULTS ONLY Performances as we unleashed our ugly sisters on a raucous rampage of rowdiness.

Sin-derella turned tradition on it’s head for Christmas 2019 and a glass slipper wasn’t the only thing our Cinders lost as the clock (yes, that’s clock!) struck 12. The gags and innuendoes came thick and fast in this saucy, sexy, sensational twist on a classic tale. The hilariously naughty version was performed exclusively for a strictly over 18’s audience with spiced up with added sauciness for adult humour.

This Pantomime performance was for Over 18’s.

Please Note: No performers under the age of 18 appeared at this Production. No performers appeared without consent. 




Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:23am
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