Swansea Pride 2020 & 2021


Jermin Productions directors Nia Jermin and Mark Jermin are proud to  support Swansea Pride .


2020 saw all UK Prides affected by COVID-19. 

With no “In Person” Prides in the UK,  Swansea Pride played a series of performances and messages from its social media page to spread love and acceptance:



On behalf of Swansea Pride and Jermin Productions, we wish all our friends, followers and families our sincere best for these difficult times, and hope you all stay safe and healthy.

Pride in Swansea 2021 and Beyond :

The Main Day Pride celebration will return to Swansea in 2021 on Saturday 17th July

Following previous successful Swansea Pride’s the location is likely to be the National Waterfront Museum Green including various rooms and locations surrounding the Museum. Other city centre Venues will also host a rainbow of activities; there will be a whole day of entertainment and activity and a city centre Parade of which anyone is welcome to participate in.

We are all extremely looking forward to the return of Swansea Pride… And if you would like to get involved in the community sprit, any business, any volunteer, any individual will be welcomed. For corporate businesses who may wish to Sponsor an element of Swansea Pride, there are a number of packages available, Please get in touch with Jermin Productions or Swansea Pride directly: info@swanseapride.co.uk for further information.



Jermin Productions: Our Involvement in Swansea Pride:

As Vice Chair of the Swansea Pride Committee, Nia (from Jermin Productions) volunteers her time and work towards creating a Swansea Pride celebration that is driven by unity, diversity and love.


The Swansea Pride Committee was constituted for the 2019 Event.  We envisage a celebration that in time will grow and excel but one that will remain a safe, an open and all accepting.

Swansea Pride aims to unite individuals and show respect for each other.

The celebration was applauded last year for its spirit, charm and non commercialism, it really is a grass roots Pride with its people and community at its centre.  The Main Day is completely free to attend and the Committee are hopeful that with enough support and funding we can keep it that way!


Swansea Pride has now been granted Charitable Status and we hope our work can share the ethos of Pride to a wider South Wales audience and grow the Swansea Pride community. We REALLY want to help give a voice and a platform to the LGBT+ Community in South Wales and as determined, innovative and passionate volunteers, we aim to grow the PRIDE Swansea audience with more diversity and by making this year’s Pride all about acceptance, unity and love.


The Committee is small, made up of just 4 board members and a total of 6 committee members. We have Swansea Council Cabinet member and member of UK PON Elliot King as Chairperson of the committee who instigated the first Pride celebration in 2018 in Swansea in 4 years.  Arron Bevan-John is our Treasurer and our Secretary is Richard Clatworthy. Both are integral to the committee adding their experience and expertise to the current planning. Nia from Jermin Productions assists Elliot as Vice.

Take a look at the special messages Jermin Productions collected in support of Swansea Pride 2020:




Images of our work at Swansea Pride can be viewed in the Pride Picture Gallery below:




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